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Public hearing for TC/Westside Fire Dept.

Lake County’s attorney, Jim Bailey, updated the board on the proceedings related to the Thomas Creek/Westside Rural Fire Protection District during a June 18 meeting.

In past meetings, the Lake County Board of Commissioners and Bailey discussed necessary proceedings related to the dissolution of the district following correspondence received from the Secretary of State.

This correspondence indicated the dissolution process automatically starts when annual audit reports have not been submitted to the state.

The state had not received audit reports from the district over three consecutive years, which initiated the dissolution process.

Bailey reported that the district’s financial liabilities documentation has been obtained and submitted, the next step in the process is scheduling a public hearing for Wednesday, July 16.

As of this meeting, the board reached a consensus in formally recognizing the submission of the documents to the state.

The Commissioners also approved a formalized agreement for public use of the Memorial Hall facility.  Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted noted that this agreement provides specifics as to what is appropriate or inappropriate use of the facilities, and covers user responsibilities for clean-up and liabilities related to damage.

The agreement also provides for tracking of who utilizes the facilities, she said.  Fees related to damage will be dependent upon the extent of damage, Thorsted noted.

A request for proposals related to the replacement of all the windows in the Lake County Courthouse facility also received approval from the Commissioners.

This is an extensive project related to improving the energy efficiency of the building.  The closing date on the RFP process is July 17.

Other action items included the approval of a 2014/15 out-of-district service contract with Klamath Community College.  The commissioners had previously discussed the terms of this agreement with KCC’s president, Dr. Roberto Gutierrez, related to the county’s match funding requirement.

At that time, the Commissioners and Gutierrez agreed to a maximum match of $22,000.

Also approved was a 2014 pavement maintenance program agreement that serves as an intergovernmental agreement between the Lake County Airport and a statewide airport maintenance program for slurry seal work at the airport site.

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