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Pumpkin Chunkin’, Pie Munchin’ at fairgrounds

Pumpkin Chunkin’, Pie Munchin’ at fairgrounds

Pumpkin-mashing action is coming to the Lake County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Oct. 26.

The Lake County Libraries Teen Advisory Board is putting on two events, a Mini-Pumpkin Chunkin’ Destruction contest at 1:00 p.m. and a pumpkin pie-eating contest at 2:00 p.m.

Entries to the two contests can be made now, and forms are available at the Lake County Library.

Check-in begins at noon on the that day and space is limited.

The Chunkin’ competition will have three categories, junior, individuals and groups.

The junior category is limited to children kindergarten age and younger, with the individual category accepting those 1st-grade age and up, requiring parental permission for participants under 18.

The junior class is limited to a one pumpkin, one hand throw to a nearer target than the other categories.

The group contest requires groups of five, with at least one adult member.  Group and individual Chunkin’ categories are required to hit a target 25 yards away from the throw line with as much accuracy as possible.

Points will be awarded for performance, function, aesthetics, spirit and crowd support, as pumpkins can be chucked by hand or using a mechanical aid with certain limitations.

All rules and requirements are available on the entry forms for the contest.

No compressed air, combustion engines, electricity or explosives are allowed.

The machine must also fit into a 5-foot by 5-foot cube, and must be carried by hand.

Individuals and groups will be required to provide five pumpkin gourds of under 3/4 of a pound in weight per individual and per group, but these will be provided for the junior class.

All ages are welcomed for the pie-eating contest, with a special junior category for those kindergarten age and younger.  The Advisory Board will use proceeds from the contests to help furnish a space for teens at the new Lakeview library building.

“Since we are using ‘mini-pumpkins’, or pumpkin gourds, this is a project you can master over a weekend with your family and friends,” said Elizabeth LaShomb, the advisor for the Teen Advisory Board. “All fees have been kept very affordable, and all proceeds will go directly to purchase furniture.”

Contact LaShomb at 541-947-6019 for more information, or stop by the Lake County Public Library at 513 Center St. in Lakeview.

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