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Quackenbush Guatemalan one of best coffees in Oregon

Oregon’s 2013 Best Coffee competition saw successes from large and small coffee roasters around the state as they competed with some of their best roasts.  Quackenbush Coffee of Klamath Falls earned a third place award for their Guatemalan roast, making it to the finals with two other entries.

Ron Quackenbush, owner and roastmaster of Quackenbush Coffee, is the provider for Tall Man Coffee’s roasted beans, sold locally by Mike Beeson at the Lakeview 39er Store. Three categories of roasted beans were judged at the competition, Single-Varietal, Signature Blend and Espresso.

Their entry in the Single-Varietal category earned Quackenbush their third place trophy, though this was their first time participating in the event.  In the other two categories, Espresso and Signature Blend, Quackenbush entered roasts that made it to the finals, but did not place in the top three spots for which the judges handed out trophies.

Quackenbush said the event was interesting because the way they structured it gave small artisan roasters a chance to compete on a level playing field with big companies.

The Tall Man line regularly features both the Guatemalan roast that earned Quackenbush their third-place trophy, a French Roast, House Blend and Papau New Guinea roast.  The roasts change based on the availability of beans used.  As a small-time roaster, Quackenbush does not buy a year’s worth of beans at a time, allowing him to maintain a smaller inventory to help roasts remain fresh.

The Lakeview 39er Card and Bargain store, which boasts Tall Man coffee among its offerings, open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 15 N. E St. and can be reached at 541-947-3998.

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