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Reader Board gets groundswell of support at town hall meeting

A topic discussed at Town Hall was an update on the Reader Board Project by Bob Squires, who spoke to the Town on Tuesday, April 9 and the School Board on Monday. Squires has been aiming to get a Reader Board for a year or longer. When he first started, his goal was to make the board associated mainly with the Lake District 7 School Project, but his goals have evolved since then. While originally motivated by Lakeview being neglected of a Reader Board that most schools have, he is now motivated by larger goals. He has learned that this is more than just a project that would benefit the school, but one that would also benefit the community.

“This will help get community support,” he said. “The problem with athletics is that some people don’t know when the games are.”

Squires aims to raise awareness throughout the town and get participation at an all-time high. At the town hall meeting, Squires pushed for town backing, and to aid his cause. To do so, he has constructed tentative parameters that would help him get further funding, citing the hospital as his biggest requested partner thus far.

To date, Squires has received recent donations for his project from the school board, the Collins-McDonald fund, and the Lake County Cultural Coalition. The school board promised $3,000, the Collins-McDonald fund donated $2,000, and the Cultural Coalition has contributed $1,000. Squires is extremely grateful for the assistance they have provided, as they are the only contributors thus far.

He still wishes to land the hospital as a donor, who also asked that he provide parameters for the use of the Reader Board. At both the school board and town hall meetings, he presented his proposal, which is subject to change at the behest of either council’s request, stipulates that only messages that benefit the public are eligible to be displayed on the Reader Board, which will be located in the center of town across from Safeway, if the donations come in on time.

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