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Recall all Elected Officials!


Really, is it true that our elected officials are not in step with the people? Of course it is not true.

I have found our officials to be totally aligned with our community. I am not happy with a lot of what goes on, but I can only ding them as Town adults, not as officials. They are doing the will of the people.

Sure, our officials have, in the opinion of many, gotten off course about bringing us a prison, hospital and library.

I am vehemently opposed to incarcerating people for nonviolent crimes and find it embarrassing that we are way overboard in doing this in the USA. However, look at how the prison stimulates our economy, and the prison workers are the kind of people we want in our community, they are workers providing for their families.

Okay, some carry on about the community not being able to support the hospital and there are empty rooms, etc. Possibly, I could agree that it make take a bit to grow into it, but look at the services we now get in Lakeview. Also, the caliber of people that come with the hospital is unsurpassed in our civilized culture. I want to mention the local people that are stepping up and getting themselves educated to work at the hospital.

I am absolutely crazy about libraries. I am so glad so many in our community ponied-up and got the library built. We will get the books.

Yes, there is an issue of local officials camping on their elected positions and making careers out of them. Are there better candidates than the officials we have now? I do not think so.

If there are better candidates, they need to run for office.

How many of you folks go to our officials and speak your minds? I do. In my opinion, you all need to get more involved.

Nope, I see no reason to recall any official. Just a super big need for the people to get more involved. Our officials need your input. Hit them between their eyes with your ideas! I do. They are waiting.

We are what we vote. Vote!

 Bradford A. Augustine, Crooked Creek

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