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Recall Reasons for Shirley and Others

The main reason for the Recall is this: We can and do talk to people. During the last recall, individuals came up to Orlando Gonzales and others to tell their stories. Everyone who signed, and many who declined, had a story.

When a person stands on the edge of a dangerous territory and wonders at so many refugees passing his way, he asks: Why are you telling me these things? The answer: So someone will know. The chicken squawks when plucked up by the hawk, not because he believes he will be saved but because someone will hear and know what happened.

This person who hears is now a witness. Following up on some of these stories leads him down many paths. It’s hard work, and takes much time. This pursuit of truth makes some people angry.

The main reason for the Recall is to shed light on what has happened here. Not all of us who sign recall petitions fear to sign, or who run for public office against your friends are criminals.

Some of us have had personal experiences from which to draw our evidence.

Shirley, Orlando spoke to you once. You were (allegedly) refusing to give a jailed man his seizure medication. Not until Orlando told you, “If this man dies because he doesn’t have his medication, I will make a statement in court that you refused.” Only then did you (allegedly) comply with a doctor’s orders.

I have a list. It is long and grows longer still: old stories and recent ones are (allegedly) filled with lawsuits, sexual situations, demeaning punishments, hazing, unnecessary physical restraints, intense suffering from cancer and inadequate treatment for diabetics. In some cases persons were (allegedly) denied the accepted standard treatment (hospitalization) for mental and other illnesses and were forced to endure “control” punishments for their misperceived “willful” misbehaviors.

Too many stories to deny them all.

 Bonnie Gonzales


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