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Recreational immunity discussed by town

Lakeview’s town council discussed the subject of recreational immunity with regard to a proposed skateboarding recreational park during their Tuesday, March 12, work session.

The discussion carried over from the council’s regular Feb. 26 meeting, at which time an update on the Lakeview Skate Park project was provided by Tonya Menchinella.

Town Attorney John Bogardus provided a brief history of the project, dating back to the Skate Park Association’s approach of the town for a possible site for the facility.

The group established a nonprofit organization and a draft lease agreement for a nominal annual fee was drawn up.

The site, located near the Little League baseball fields, was also defined by a legal description.

The town agreed to lease the property through the draft lease agreement, which was presented in two drafts. The second was presented for signature by the nonprofit group, and its requirements included the nonprofit assuming responsibility for maintenance and improvements.

It also mandated the group obtain liability insurance of no less than $2 million protection.

Bogardus noted that the town didn’t want to assume maintenance costs, as well as any liability for the facility. In subsequent discussions, he said the association claimed it could not afford the costs of insurance.

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