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Regional Solutions discusses local projects

Discussions at a recent meeting of the South Central Regional Solutions Advisory Committee singled out three local projects for which to seek funding.

The three projects discussed included the Innovation Learning Center, air quality improvement (for Lake and Klamath counties) and natural gas development, said Lake County Commissioner Brad Winters.

Ultimately, natural gas development isn’t far enough along in progress to warrant funding in the short term, Winters said, so the decision was made to seek out $500,000 in funding for the continued development and operation of the Innovation Learning Center.

The air quality improvement project funding goals amounted to $1-1.5 million, shared between Klamath and Lake counties. These funds, if granted, would come through the Oregon Lottery’s state bonds, Winters said. Estimated time frames range between as early as 2014 but more realistically circa 2015, he said. The actual timeframe hinges on the state legislature’s decisions and approval process, Winters said.

The air quality project includes Klamath County, which includes weatherization and replacement of older wood-burning stoves, takes into account both counties’ struggles with air quality issues, Winters said.

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