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Renewable energy on display at Chamber of Commerce

Renewable energy on display at Chamber of Commerce

Rabe Consulting of Klamath Falls was responsible for the installation of an interactive informational kiosk in the Lake County Chamber of Commerce.

The installation, offering highlights of renewable energy types, projects and options available in Lake County, was installed on a contract from the Oregon Department of Energy.

Andrea Rabe works as the senior environmental consultant and project manager for the company that bears her name.  Rabe, in a partnership with Lake County Resources Initiative (LCRI) and Oregon Institute of Technology, took part in meetings with local landowners to see what information should be included in the installation and where it should be located.

The installation itself includes information on five different areas of renewable energy – biomass, solar, geothermal, wind and small-scale hydropower, offering an overview of each and local examples.  Options for residents of Lake County who might wish to utilize renewable energy are also part of the information included, said Rabe.

Brochures are also available at the kiosk, which will be kept stocked by LCRI, said Jim Walls, LCRI’s executive director.  The Lake County Chamber of Commerce is located at 126 N. E St. in Lakeview, and can be reached by phone at 541-947-6040.

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