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Residents open R&M Machine Shop

Residents open R&M Machine Shop

Renovation work around the former Heryford House, Rich Armbrust and Jeni Aldrich decided to pursue their passions for machining and woodwork in the form of a business called R&M Machining and Fabrication.  Armbrust comes from a background of plastic injection molding and machine work, while Aldrich did much of the work requiring restoration of carpentry and furniture around the house.

Right now the couple has a machining shop set up in the garage space in back of the property, and a woodshop in their basement.  The machining shop was used for some of the metalwork needed for the house, and Armbrust decided to open up for outside jobs around June of this year.

Business has been slow for some time, and didn’t pick up until the past month or so.

“We got a lot of business in the past few months through word of mouth,” Aldrich said, “We offer a 24 to 48-hour turnaround on machine work, and prices comparable to other machine shops.”

They are currently offering a deal on per-hour rates, around $60 an hour, where most shops charge $85 to $120 an hour.

“I can do furniture refinishing, building custom coffee tables, end tables and cabinetry,” said Aldrich of her own segment of the business, “I’ve been doing woodworking for 4-5 years.  As we’ve been moving into the house, I’ve learned to restore things to their original state, with a lot of paint stripping and wood restoration.”

Armbrust has had a fairly steady stream of jobs for the past three weeks, doing such things as a handrail for the new MC Chuckwagon Museum and fixing a tractor axel for a local.  So far he’s had about 16-20 jobs, and said of the work, “It’s my life, I’d rather do this than anything else.”

R&M Machining and Fabrication is located at 631 S. 1st St., and  can be contacted at 541-219-9067 and 541-219-9066.

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