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Richardson prepares for a hardnosed campaign

It’s going to be a no-holds-barred match with Dennis Richardson’s campaign for the governor’s race in November.

The Republican nominee spoke out in an interview Tuesday, July 15 against Gov. John Kitzhaber’s handling of the state seat over the last three terms. “The Oregon people need to ask, ‘what has (Kitzhaber) done to earn a fourth term?’” Richardson said.

There are three primary goals Richardson wants to accomplish if elected governor, starting with lowering the high unemployment rate.

He also points out that Oregon ranks 49th of the states in education. He points to Lakeview as prime example of how to properly run a public education system by taking a vested interest in their high school students to ensure each has a mentor and opportunities to nurture their development. Kitzhaber’s campaign says that there are policies and structures in place to achieve the Oregon 40-40-20 educational goal, which Kitzhaber plans to adequately fund and implement if he is elected.

The major problem Richardson wants to fix is the failure in the Cover Oregon program, which has cost 300 million dollars of taxpayers’ money. Kitzhaber agrees that the Cover Oregon program was a misstep and is taking steps to sue Oracle Corp, the information technology company in charge of the program.

Included with his list of grievances with Gov. Kitzhaber is the lack of stewardship. He made an example of the Columbia River Crossing project, which was never completed and cost Oregon $175 million in the process, Richardson said.

He isn’t just taking the fight to Kitzhaber, but the people as well. In February he collected the personal email addresses of more than 420,000 Oregon citizens. These emails are used to get input from citizens about current issues and get more name recognition statewide. Although he is confident this is a respectable approach to Oregon votes, the public has criticized Richardson of being the “spam king” politician when he used this tactic in 2012.

Richardson won the Republican nomination with 66 percent of the vote, beating six other relatively unknown nominees. His history as Speaker Pro Tempore of the Oregon House of Representatives, he believes gives him the ability to work across the aisle separating Democrats and Republicans. As co-chair of the Joint Senate and House Ways and Means Committee, Richardson is able to control state funding.

His platform is based on helping small businesses across the state. “The backbone of our economy. I understand that it’s a challenge for (small businesses in) Lakeview because it’s off the beaten path,” said Richardson.

One Response to "Richardson prepares for a hardnosed campaign"

  1. harvey winer  July 24, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    My question is what the hell has the GOP split party prostitutes done for decades?

    They currently have the Worst Congress in our History, have no monies spent on infrastructure, or road or bridges, make no effort of renewal energy, and no damn immigrantation enforcement to secure our borders, or stop these so called “refugee” children with mothers in tow, to occupy our nation, with their stalemating, obstructionists, government shutdown,stonewalling puppets of this damn Tea Party!

    True, the Democrats have problems, but they paid the bail-outs, avoid the Stock Market Crash cliff of default, brought our troops home from the “war machine” of the GOP, with Cheney making profiteering off of Halliburton, while our troops were shipped back home in body bags, and parts thrown into dumpsters in the dark of night, at the Air Force Base.

    Because George W. didn’t want Americans seeing their “boys come back in coffins”, with his baseball desires, and no leadership of our Nation, and troops, that are now coming home to a broken economy, with this new Union of the Filthy rich 3%, having no taxation, or Balanced Budgets either Federal or States, as States keeps their hands out for subsidies, and business margin tax exempts, to pass it on to all legal registered United States born in country voters, to pay for many generations in the future.

    Yes, thanks to the GOP we are now going down the hell of financial, military, and unsecured borders, with illegals, and their illegal children, costing us to clear their damn messes, they all left us after over thirty freaking years, of failure.

    This is not the change or the Party to support, in the United States, we are faced with the same “choice”, as we had in 2004, the worst of the worse, either Democrat or GOP, neither will make a damn bit of difference, only a different “coyote” in our taxpayers henhouse, of their privatization, and voucher dreams of dictatorship, by the few, as the rest of us remain their slaves, of debt, increase prices, more taxes, and no security, or veterans benefits, if they get their way, hell they even want to privatize our broken prison systems and make business out of them.

    GOP is famous for outsourcing jobs, hiding their no taxation profits in foreign banks, and getting total tax exemptions as we go without, and many are homeless, as they have allow millions and counting of cheap illegals to violate our laws and borders draining our social services and our tax bases of money, like a freaking vacuum cleaner, this has to stop!


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