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Road Scholars converge on Lakeview, Lake County

Road Scholars converge on Lakeview, Lake County

From Sunday, May 5 to Thursday, May 9, Lake County Chamber of Commerce played host to the Road Scholars tour.

There were 12 excited visitors from different areas in the state who took part in “A Bird’s Eye View of the West,” which was the theme of the latest tour.

Every day was a new adventure for the Scholars, who got to visit different regions of the Pacific Flyway.

A group of outstanding, expert volunteers led the lucky 12 to Summer Lake Wildlife Management Area and Abert Lake to experience what’s known as “Lover’s Lane” and to view Abert Rim. The travelers then headed south to Modoc National Wildlife Refuge in sunny Calif., as well as Goose Lake State Park, where they enjoyed a raptor demonstration and local treats at Stringer’s Wild Plum Winery.

Leon Flick, local Cowboy poet delighted the group with some of his best works. The group then made its way west, traveling to Booth Park and Junipers Reservoir RV Resort to get a feel for life in the west at a local ranching operation.

They then traveled east for their last adventure, experiencing Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuge and the Warner Wetlands.

Some of the sites they saw were Pelican Island and the Greaser Petroglyphs.

In a nutshell, the Road Scholars saw many places, a variety of wildlife, countless displays of natural beauty and tasted many different foods from local restaurants.

The Scholars also received an education from local experts during their travels. Marlene Gleason, Dale Hanner, John Potter, Sandra Potter, Verna Russell, Barbara Thomas, Dudley Thomas, Gary Thompson, Peggy Thompson, Joan Try, Robert Try and Jill Ward were all Road Scholars.

The group tour was led by local expert birder and retired geologist, Dave Wenzel.

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