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Rotary offers funds, reveals good side of faults

Rotary offers funds, reveals good side of faults

The Lakeview Rotary Club held a meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21, for a presentation and to award Mayor Mike Patrick with two checks for the Save Our Pool fund.  Another check was awarded to the Lakeview Disaster Unit for the purchase of a new power gurney.

Desi Zamudio, who used to work with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, presented a short lecture on geographical fault lines and their beneficial qualities.

The three checks came from funds raised by the Club through their annual Wild Goose Chase contest, according to Andrew Rucker, committee chair for the Goose Chase.  Each year, the club posts a Request for Proposals in early March, which allows others to submit projects to be funded by the club.  Each project’s proposal is reviewed first by the committee chaired by Rucker, which then passes worthy projects to the club to be voted on.

Often, the club will ask that the proposal be accompanied by a presentation explaining the project before Rotary members vote.  The vote then establishes which projects the Goose Chase will fund.

Rucker said that having people come in to present helps sell tickets, as Rotary members then understand the projects they’re raising money for.

“The community as a whole stepped up this year,” Rucker commented, “They’ve shown our town that the pool is important, and kids are important.”

Of the two checks that went towards the pool project’s funding, only one was directly from the Rotary.  The other was donated on behalf of the Bermuda Research Corporation, owned by Gail and Francis Allen who won a cash prize from the Wild Goose Chase this year.

The Rotary’s other check will go towards the purchase of a power gurney that will be used to prevent injuries suffered by staff of the Disaster Unit when lifting patients into their vehicles.

After the checks were presented, Zamudio spoke at length on the subject of fault lines.  Specifically, he went into detail on how fault lines play a role in the presence of certain mineral deposits and water features in geographical areas.

On one hand, faults can act like pipes.  Water can travel the length of a fault, or be allowed to come up through a fault where water might not normally penetrate.

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