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Rotary to raise funds for school soccer field

Members of the Rotary Club met Thursday, Jan. 9 to discuss a dinner fundraiser for a future soccer field near the School District 7 office building in Lakeview.

The dinner has been set for early March, and will feature Baxter Black, well-known cowboy comedian, as the evening’s main attraction.

A dedicated soccer field has been discussed in the past as a potential use for the lot near the District office, which was brought up during the planning process for a solar array that will occupy the same empty lot.

The initial location for the array was changed to allow room for the soccer field.

The local Rotary was given the go-ahead for fundraising efforts by the District 7 School Board at their last meeting.

Though the dinner is planned to take place at the Lakeview Elk’s Lodge, the time was still under discussion at the meeting.

The Rotary committee overseeing the project intends to send invitations out before they officially open ticket sales for the dinner.

As an estimate, the group is planning for around 150 to 200 people in attendance at the event.

Currently, they are in the process of securing sponsors for Baxter Black’s appearance.

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