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Rotary Wild Goose Chase proceeds earmarked for Save Our Pool Fund

Rotary’s annual Wild Goose Chase, which normally happens on July 4, will instead be taking place at noon on Saturday, July 13 at Drew’s Creek.

The purpose of the event is to give back to the community, said Committee Chair Andrew Rucker. Every year in March or April, the Rotary Club puts out a request that certain organizations request money for proceeds from the Wild Goose Chase.

This year, they collected 8 to 10 requests, after which they created a committee to help decide which organizations to present to their Rotary brothers. After reading through them, the committee presents them to the rest of the club and the club votes.

After careful deliberation, the committee decided to pledge the first $10,000 made to Lakeview’s Save our Pool fund.

“We understand the importance of the children having something to do during the summer,” said Rucker. “We also understand how important it is that we have a pool to bring others from other communities, a swim team, and a place for parents to feel safe.” The committee labeled the pool as its primary choice, as it was something they felt they needed to support, said Rucker.

The Rotary Club will also be donating every dollar after the $10,000 mark to the disaster unit in Lakeview to aid them in their efforts to buy a new battery-operated gurney for their ambulance.

Tickets are currently on sale at $20 apiece, with the goal of selling 2,000. Each ticket will have a corresponding yellow duck in the race.

Contestants who wish to participate in the corporate competition need to buy 10 tickets, and they will have a blue duck in the race. There are only 200 blue ducks, bringing the total of blue and yellow ducks to 2,200.

Corporate prizes will be awarded to the first two blue ducks to reach the end of the creek. The grand prize for the corporate winner is a Polaris Sportsman 4-wheel drive ATV, which can be previewed at Dan’s Auto Sales. Runner-up for the corporate prize will receive a 50-inch LED HD TV, which can be previewed at Flynn’s Furniture.

For more information, contact Andrew Rucker at 541-947-2121.

earmarked for Save Our Pool Fund

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