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Round-Up Court’s low turnout not a concern

Only one girl is trying out for the Lake County Round-Up Court this year, but organizers remain optimistic for the Round-Up Court’s future.

Katherine McKenzie to date is the lone entrant throwing her hat in the ring for the annual pageantry of the Round-Up Court, but Round-Up Pres. Clark Maxwell cautions to not be concerned about any thoughts of the court possibly dying out, it will be around for a long time to come.

“It’s all cyclical, last year we had three girls, next year we might have four who try out,” said Maxwell. “Some have summer obligations like sports or travel and simply can’t commit to the time obligations. Most of the local girls know about it already, I think we’re reaching about as many as we can through our advertising and school announcements.”

The job of a member of the Round-Up Court includes multiple appearances and fundraising activities during the summer in promotion of the annual rodeo in Lakeview. The Court queen and princesses need to be good with both the public and horses, as multiple riding activities are involved.

While Maxwell doubts there will be more entrants for the court this year, there is still time for those interested to sign up, with tryouts occurring on May 22 at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Despite the low turnout for the court, Maxwell is very enthusiastic about the future, with the rodeo becoming a professional PRCA rodeo, he hopes the professional atmosphere will entice a large audience.

“Lake County deserves a top-notch show and that’s what we’re going to deliver, a lot of corporate sponsors have stepped up and there are lots of people on board who are helping out,” said Maxwell.

For more information on the Round-Up Court or to sign-up for tryouts, contact Clark Maxwell at 541-219-0057.

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