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Round-Up horse shows will begin on Wednesday

The first horse events scheduled for the 2013 Lake County Round-Up and Fair will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 28 and continue through Friday, Aug. 30.  Wednesday‘s shows will feature both a youth horse show with 2 sections, one for kids age 13 years and under, one for ages 14 to 18, and a cutting event, according to one of the organizers, Andrea Otley.

There will be 4 classes for riders participating in the cutting competition – the open class for professional riders, non-pro for anyone, ranch cutting for those with ranch horses to compete against one another, and a colt cutting competition for younger horses.

Riders will be judged for about two minutes on how well they can separate one cow from a group, with a special buckle going to the highest scoring competitor.  A cash prize based on the number of entrants will also be awarded.

The horse show on Thursday will feature older riders on horses with different levels of experience, depending on the class.  Young horses are usually trained with a snaffle-bit, graduate to a hackamore, with the most experienced being controlled with a bridle.  Snaffle-bit, hackamore, and bridle are thus the three classes of competition for the show.

Entrants can ride in every class, provided they have the necessary horse for each.  Because of this, the show offers a buckle and cash prize not just for individual classes, but a cash prize based on points from all three competitions.

The same judge will oversee the youth, cutting and bridle class shows.

Finally, Friday offers team events.  Beginning at 9:00 a.m., teams will compete in doctoring a cow, which involves four member team wrestling a cow down in order to ‘treat’ it.

Though no medical procedures are actually involved, the team performs the same way as they would to medicate a cow in the field.  Two on horseback rope the cow, one by its head, one by its heels, while the other two wrestle it to the ground.  One of them then runs to a circle near the judge and drops a flag inside.

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