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Rural Health Day celebrated in Lakeview

Rural Health Day celebrated in Lakeview

Lake District Hospital became the site of Lakeview’s first Rural Health Day celebration, which was recognized in locations around the United States on Thursday, Nov. 21.

At 2:00 p.m., over 50 members of the community and local organizations, representatives of the Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH) and Lake District Hospital staff gathered in the conference room of the hospital.

This then segued into a Pilates demonstration from Charlene Sagaser, a physical therapist assistant at the hospital, to break the ice.

Following the short workout, Charlie Tveit gave the first talk of the day, thanking those present and acknowledging both the importance of rural health care and community involvement in its implementation.

Next, representing the ORH, Director of Communications Robert Duehmig wanted people to know how excited he was to be part of the process of solving rural healthcare problems.

Sandra Wenzel read a proclamation from the mayor declaring the day to be local as well as national Rural Health Day, standing in for Mayor Mike Patrick.

After this, Commissioner Ken Kestner added that every day should be a health day.  “I’ve been engaged with the hospital for quite a few years.  It’s critical to the health of the community,” said Kestner.

James Fowler and Linda Merrick then shared their own positive experiences with local care providers.

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