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Safe Levels?

In light of IG revelations that the EPA is deliberately exposing humans to dangerous levels of particulates, the question is begged: Is Lakeview and its environs being subjected to particulate levels the EPA itself is introducing into the local atmosphere?  The politically and bureaucratically correct answer, of course, is no.  Nevertheless, only a fool would put trust in people who are not trustworthy.

The EPA exercises vast authority over the serfs despite the fact that it has no legislative powers nor does the Congress have the authority to surrender its legislative authority to the executive branch.  The EPA does and the Congress has.  (Separation of powers?  That’s science-fiction)  Other than keeping our objections and resentment to ourselves, what power do we serfs have?

I maintain a saturnine view of any huge government bureaucracy and, in particular, those which expose citizens – with or without their consent – to levels of toxins it knows are harmful.  The glib excuse “we’re doing it for the benefit of the people” rings hollow.

As with a million other things, I am simply too ignorant and too helpless to render the EPA a snappy “Sieg Heil !”  Ergo, I must depend upon others to handle this for me — Babsi Boxer, perhaps, or Al Gore.  What else is big government for if not to have others express — for us — our deep and abiding appreciation for it?

Mark L. Williams


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