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Saturday Market hopes to continue through Oct.

Saturday Market hopes to continue through Oct.

Cecilia Montgomery, president of the Farmer’s Market Group and manager of the Saturday market, is the one to see if you want to sell at the weekend’s Market.  Each Saturday, vendors set up to offer a wide variety of hand-made or homegrown goods, fruits and vegetables.

Ten vendors have signed up this year for the Farmer’s Market, while others are allowed to sell many different goods through the flea market.  Nothing manufactured or purchased goes into the Farmer’s Market, but there are no such restrictions on items sold through flea market tables.

Both markets take place at the same location, the Town of Lakeview Parking Lot at the corner of North 2nd and E streets.  Members come from as far as Cedarville, Calif., to offer honey, fresh fruits, vegetables, hand-made jewelry, woven baskets and blankets.

Those who wish to sell in the market must pay a one-time membership fee of $5, as well as $5 for every Saturday they set up a booth. However, $35, buys a full season’s worth of weekends, with the membership fee included.

Members are encouraged to set up early, and help one another erect their booths.  The Market also provides materials help for vendors to lay out their goods.  The information includes what to consider when trying to attract customers, and how to lay out displays.

Montgomery hopes weather will permit the Market to continue through the end of the month of October, but it will definitely continue through September.

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