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Saturday Market offers great goods in fun setting

Saturday Market offers great goods in fun setting

For the best in local organically grown foods and handcrafted goods, the weekly must-stop is the Lakeview Saturday Market.

Held in the Lakeview Town Parking Lot every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. late June through September, vendors flock to the area from around Lake County and as far away as Cedarville, Calif. to provide fresh vegetables, honey, jewelry and handmade crafts. Also included is a flea market, where folks can clean out the garage without having to organize their own yard sales taking advantage of the built-in audience.

Overseeing the market is Cecilia Montgomery, president for the past four years. Often she will coordinate other tie-ins with the market, such as an electronics recycling drop-off and Oregon State’s extension office promoting upcoming programs.

“To be a part of the farmer’s market, vendors must make or grow their product, it has to be homemade,” said Montgomery. “For others looking to sell items, they can be a part of the flea market, which we started doing last year.”

Each vendor has a unique story to share, from their favorite products to how they acquired and honed their skills, from knitting to gold panning to wood carving and much more.  Each vendor’s tent adds its own pleasant social setting to the weekly gathering. Some sell products at the market while working towards opening their own stores soon.

“I learned how to pan for gold when I was three years old,” said Lynda Laney, who is working with her husband to develop a new rock and jewelry shop soon, Jim’s Gems. “We pan our own gold, make jewelry out of sunstones, cut, tumble and polish our own rocks.”

Also showcasing tremendous craftsmanship is the booth operated by Dan VanDenBerg, a retired painter who transitioned into a career in western-themed woodwork for the past 30 years making beautifully crafted wood signs, nightstands and his specialty of wooden butterflies.

“It was something to do in the winter time when nobody needed their houses painted,” said VanDenBerg, who has carved and sold over 4,000 of his wood butterflies in Oregon and California. This is his first year back as a vendor at the Saturday Market after previously participating years ago.

For handmade knits, the booths of Linda Ellin and Fran Wells provide towels, scarves, doilies, baby bibs, hats, pillowcases, embroideries, baked potato pouches and much more.

Food available for purchase includes locally produced honey, barbecue sauce, spices and vegetables. Sarah Bunten is one of several food vendors providing freshly grown goods. Bunten raised goats doing vegetative management for 36 years at Nanny and Billie’s Farms before putting up greenhouses last year transitioning into farming.

“We rotate plants in and out of the greenhouses depending on the growth season,” said Bunten, selling a variety of fresh grown items such as zucchini, eggplant, basil, green peppers and onions. “When the Saturday Market closes in September we’ll be doing greens throughout the winter for anyone who wants them.”

The Lakeview Saturday Market will continue every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 pm. through September depending on weather. For video of the Saturday Market, visit the Examiner’s youtube channel or www.lakecountyexam.com.

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