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Schminck Museum officially reopened

Local museum, the Schminck Memorial, is re-opened for business as of Wednesday, May 15.

After originally opening its doors to the public on April 17, Dir. Monica Lawson reported that the museum had to close by April 24 until the museum received inspection approval.

The building first had to pass its inspection test with the state and prove that it was in compliance with current safety and hazard regulations.

Oregon officials sent Supervising Deputy for the Fire and Safety Service, Dave Fields, to examine the Schminck. Much to the pleasure of both Lawson and the general public, the museum passed with flying colors. Fields, who inspected the museum independent of any other presence, local or otherwise, reportedly completed his inspection in a brief amount of time due to the well-kept nature of the building. Of particular interest to Fields was the issue of a fire hazard, and there were no cluttered items to block the hallway.

For more information on business hours, contact the Schminck Memorial Museum at 541-947-3134.

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