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School board work session focuses on policies, audit

In an attempt to understand the varied policies brought forth by the Oregon School Board Association as well as the Oster Professional group’s recent audit, the Lake County School District No. 7 held a work session on Monday Jan. 28.

During their regular meeting on Jan. 14, District Supt. Sean Gallagher brought before them a large packet of changes made by the OSBA to existing school related state statutes.

He explained that they regularly make those types of changes to keep current with the changing educational environment.

The changes had already gone through the legislature and it was passed around to every school board in the state for them to give their support. He admitted, both in the regular as well as the work meeting, that they don’t have much control over the language or the passage of the proposed changes.

Rather, the school board’s approval of the OSBA changes were really more a symbolic show of support.

As they went through the pages, multiple questions were risen in the work session by both long-time and new members.

The policy changes mostly dealt with mandatory attendance for kindergarten aged children, cyber bullying and other administrative tweaks.

Though there were a few concerns regarding language, which Gallagher said they certainly could include in their approval, the general feeling of the board rested with the inevitability of the adjustments.

“If there’s nothing we can do, then there’s nothing we can do,” said board member Stefani Roseberry.

They agreed to bring the packet to the next regular board meeting for official approval.

Previously in their regular meeting on Jan. 14, the most recent audit was brought before them.

All of the board members expressed dissatisfaction with the nebulous layout and wording of the report, wanting a concise presentation of the district’s financials.

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