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Scouts’ Eagle project sets out to recognize veterans

Scouts’ Eagle project sets out to recognize veterans

Local Boy Scouts Michael Cuff, Jr., 17, and Daren Cuff, who is 15 as of May 29, made it a mission to see that veterans buried in area cemeteries are distinguished in a most unique way.

The duo, working to earn their Eagle Scout award — the highest honor in scouting — created distinctly patriotic flag holders to be placed alongside of veteran’s graves in cemeteries throughout the county.

Scoutmaster Michael Cuff, Sr., noted that the flag holders feature a 12-inch segment for stable ground placement, while the remaining 12-inch segment is brightly colored in four-inch red, white and blue sections.

To date, there are 51 of the holders placed in the Paisley cemetery, 22 in Silver Lake, four in Summer Lake and 54 in New Pine Creek.  An estimated 600 of these holders will be placed in the Sunset and IOOF cemeteries, Cuff said, noting that holders were provided to Mayor Mike Patrick on Thursday, May 23, for placement at the Westside cemetery.

Don Watson and Rick Folsom placed holders in the IOOF cemetery on Monday, May 20.

The scoutmaster said that the boys would get their project signed off at the cemetery district meeting this week before it is forwarded on for final approval by the Boy Scouts organization.

Cuff said that only about three percent of scouts complete their Eagle Scout award.

“Both of them felt very, very strongly about completing this project for the local veterans,” he said.

At present, they are seeking details on the number of veterans buried in Christmas Valley and Fort Rock’s cemeteries so that flag holders may be placed alongside their respective gravesites.

Lake County Cemetery Maintenance District Admin. Secretary Sherrain Glenn voiced her support for the project.

“It gives something very special just for our veterans,” she said. “I think it’s just wonderful.”



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