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Setting the Record Straight

Contrary to rumor, I was not fired and did not resign from Klamath Community College. During my four years with TVCC, enrollment grew from six students to 60. I was truly excited by the vision presented by KCC’s president and looked forward to developing a real college in Lake County.

I was offered the KCC job, but over the course of several months my concerns about course offerings, student fees, and obstacles for student success were ignored.

KCC plans to offer “live synchronous” courses delivered electronically. KCC’s planned courses do not meet the needs of most current students. This would only be worse for new students—especially in the core areas of math and language arts. Our plan to certify local instructors for “in-person”

classes was also tossed aside. Many current TVCC students need to continue online part-time, and TVCC courses require proctored tests. KCC will charge students $20 per test (four final exams, for example, would cost $80); they simply can’t afford it.

Although a three-quarter time position was budgeted by KCC, I was offered half-time work. I have been paid as a half-time employee for four years, often working full time. Our County Commissioners, who almost doubled their own salaries, knew this and refused to fix it.

Our College Advisory Board planned to meet with KCC leadership about these issues. Instead, KCC quickly hired the wife of the hospital administrator. I received an email from KCC accepting my “resignation,” and another followed asking me to come to Klamath Falls for a day so KCC could “take advantage of my expertise.”

There is a difference between having a vision and just seeing what we want to see. We deserve better.

 Susie Cahill


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