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Shame on Who?

The reason I support a recall on the Sheriff is that he has failed to deal with some of his deputies whose behavior is unacceptable and the jail (also his responsibility) is very poorly run, in my opinion. He has (allegedly) told people that the union won’t let him fire Deputy Pore, for instance, but (to my knowledge) he has not even issued a verbal warning – the first step in the disciplinary process.

He says in this newspaper that his deputies have been investigated and cleared of all wrongdoing. Bull.  After repeated attempts to get the County Commissioners to pressure the Sheriff to investigate Deputy Pore, we received a letter stating that he would be investigated by Lt. Paul Havel (Shirley Lepori’s nephew, and former boss). Smelly. And not a word about findings.

This town has a disproportionate number of law enforcement officers, and even Forestry officials who participate in law enforcement activities in town. It seems to me that there is an “us” versus “them” attitude prevalent here that translates as leave “us” alone, mess with “them”. When a person from the north county is arrested on specious charges, transported to Lakeview, and then released at midnight (without a coat in winter), isn’t that just messing with “them”? As for the Commissioners, what do they do that makes them worth $43,500 of our money each, per year? Brad Winters, for instance, is the liaison to the Sheriff and the jail. Need I say more?

Bill Chastain


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