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Shame On You Part I

I have read letters to the editor for the last few weeks and I think it is time for the public to start defending our law enforcement. The real reason they are feeling the way they do is they have been in trouble or a member of the family has been into trouble. Now you can hear from me and hopefully some of the people who read this will respond in a positive way.

I was born and raised here, and graduated high school here. I never had a problem with the police or anyone for that matter. I love my little town and the people in it. I have lived in other places and I was very unhappy there. I came back home and stayed here, raised my boys here. I worked hard and made a life for me and my boys and they were never in trouble with the police. They were taught to respect Law Enforcement and they do.

I have read all the trash written about our Law Enforcement officers and the County Commissioners and it makes me very angry. Mr. Gonzales has no idea what goes on. He is listening to people who have it in for Sheriff McDonald and Deputy Pore.

I worked for the Sheriff’s department for 20 years and retired from there. I worked close with the officers from the Sheriff to the LPD and the OSP. I enjoyed all of them very much. All are very professional and caring people. I have a special place in my heart for all of them It is a thankless job and it ends  up to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

When a person makes the wrong decision and ends up in jail, that is his fault.

When they are released they need to go home by making arrangements with family or friends. It is not the Sheriff’s office responsibility to give them a ride home no matter where in the county they reside.

Shirley Lepori


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