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ShamRun/Walk sees huge turnout

ShamRun/Walk sees huge turnout

Perhaps it’s a sign of an increasingly health-conscious society, or perhaps the stars merely all aligned on the bright, sunny morning of Irish Days; whatever the case, the runners and walkers came out in droves.

The Mile High Striders attracted nearly 100 runners – the total number tallied in at 98 between the 12 Kids Quarter Mile participants and the 86 in the ShamRun 5K event — for this year’s event.

Seven-year-old Trevor Owens was the first tyke to zoom past the finish line for the youth event, with Bobbie Steninger nearby to present him with a medal, as she did with all the participants.

In the 5K event, husband-and-wife duo Caleb and Lacey Howard emerged as the overall winners of the ShamRun/Walk.

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