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Sheriff’s Dept. evidence room

Located in the corner of the courthouse, the Sheriff’s department is especially crammed, which is why an additional exterior office is being built along Second Street.

Even though the building will start out as a secure storage for the Sheriff, it will transform into a more practical area over time. Since the department only has their undersized office to process evidence, the new building will give additional room to the required task.

The building will have many purposes that will assist other county departments as well. There will be a fenced-in impound to secure larger items that are confiscated. The probation and juvenile services will house their firewood in the yarded area to be on-hand.

Sheriff McDonald says that at first they were looking to refurbish an old place but it would have been substantially more costly than if they worked from scratch. The County Commissioners granted Sheriff McDonald’s request with a budget of $46,000 to complete the project. To assist in lowering the cost, some county employees will help in the construction besides the local contractors.

As of now, the construction is only in its beginning stages as they are about to pour the concrete foundation. “This project will be a positive addition to County operations,” said Commissioner Brad Winters.

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