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Sign Repeal

You can help repeal Senate Bill 833 — the new state law granting driver cards to illegal immigrants.

The best part: you can do so right from your home computer.

Since May, a group of Oregonians operating as “Protect Oregon Driver Licenses” — which I serve as a chief sponsor — has been circulating referendum petitions to put Senate Bill 833 to a statewide vote. If we collect the signatures of 58,142 registered voters this summer, a measure to overturn illegal-immigrant driver cards will appear on Oregon’s November 2014 ballot.

Thousands of Oregonians already have signed our petition. And we need your signature as well.

Why? Because if allowed to stand, illegal-immigrant driver cards will:

— Reward the lawbreaking of those who have violated our nation’s immigration statutes;

— Better enable illegal immigrants to take and keep jobs from our fellow citizens; and

— Aid and abet the drug cartels that rely heavily on illegal immigrants to transport their products and cultivate marijuana plantations on Oregon’s public lands.

As well, consider how Senate Bill 833 was passed: It “was rammed through the Legislature so quickly,” notes Oregon Rep. Sal Esquivel, one of my fellow chief sponsors, “that most Oregonians barely got the chance to scrutinize it and weigh in with their opinions.” Our referendum, he says, aims to “provide for a sustained and informative public debate, and include rank-and-file Oregonians directly in the decision-making process.”

It’s easy to get a petition. Go to www.ProtectOregonDL.org, print a single-signature petition sheet, sign it, and mail it to the listed address.

Your signature can help repeal driver cards for illegal immigrants.

 Richard F. LaMountain


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