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Skate park project skids, needs new wheels

Skate park project skids, needs new wheels

After over seven years of organizing the funding and construction of a skate park behind the Little League fields, Tonya Menchinella is ready for some help.  She’s been responsible for the organization of several committees intended to oversee the project, but really wants to form a new group of people who are motivated enough to push it to completion.

As it is, Menchinella is the sole person maintaining non-profit status for any funds raised for the project.  Menchinella has helped raise much of the funds herself through car washes, bake sales, yard sales and most recently a fireworks stand that she and other volunteers have run for the past two years.

She has two different grants in mind from groups that have funded similar projects, the Tony Hawke Foundation, and the American Ramps Company, but needs someone with the proper experience to help secure them.

Currently, the site of the skate park has been laid out, with a gravel pad constructed and a poured concrete slab for the eventual skating ramps and equipment.

Menchinella is looking for input on the final design of the park, as well as any ideas for the surrounding area that would make it a good place to visit for not only skating activities, but other forms of recreation and picnicking as well.  To contact her about any interest in or ideas for the park, as well as additional information, call 541-417-2073.

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