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Ski hill funds approved for budgeting by county

Title II funds up to the amount of $8,000 saw approval for the Fremont Highlanders Ski Club by the county in recent weeks, a sum to be utilized for clean-up efforts at the Warner Canyon Ski Resort.

Facilities Mgr. Dave Berman said that work crews from Warner Creek Correctional Facility would be sought for the project, if the funds are granted, to provide help with final clean-up following the completion of primary work, which includes improvements to the ski runs and forest health-related work. The ski club, Commissioner Dan Shoun said, is also putting in for $50,000 of RAC funding, and the amount up to $8,000 approved by the commissioners would serve as matching and supplementary funds.

During their March 25, work session, the commissioners approved to put in the funds as a request for a Title II project by the Fremont-Winema Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).  Submission of the request isn’t a guarantee of granted funds.

Funding requests were due by Wednesday, March 26.  The Fremont Highlanders lease the ski hill property from the county for their operations, and Commissioner Dan Shoun serves on the RAC committee. The funds are being included in the 2014/15 fiscal year budget in the event that the ski hill project is selected by the RAC among those for designated funding.

In other discussions at the meeting, Commissioner Brad Winters reported that discussions with Red Rock Biofuels continue on a potential Lakeview site, but no decisions have been made.

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