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Ski hill will not open this year

Fremont Highlanders Ski Club Pres. Barry Shullanberger said that the Warner Canyon Ski Area would not open this year due to the lack of sufficient snowfall so far this winter.

The club is also required to make a sizable payment to its insurance provider each year prior to starting operations, a factor that Shullanberger said the club took under consideration in light of the ongoing long-term absence of significant precipitation.

In examining the costs related to starting up operations for the ski season, including staffing, Shullanberger said it just didn’t pencil out to make the investment.

The club is required to make a payment of $12,500 for its insurance when opening the ski hill for the season, he said.  In the event that the club is unable to open for the year, only one-third of this payment is required.

The club made its decision during its Wednesday, Jan. 29, board meeting, Shullanberger said.

The ski hill did not open in the 2011/12 winter season, also for lack of snow at that time, he said.

Weather forecasts called for snow late last week, but it was a matter of too little, too late in light of the club’s decision.

“We had done quite a bit of prep work on the hill, cutting brush and putting pads on the (chair lift) chairs,” Shullanberger said, noting that the club hopes for a wetter season and better opportunity next year.

For more information, or to learn more about the Fremont Highlanders Ski Club, contact Pres. Barry Shullanberger at 541-947-4625.

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