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Ski lift 3-D target shoot draws more than just bowstrings

Ski lift 3-D target shoot draws more than just bowstrings

The 3-D target shoot put on by the Lakeview Bowman’s Club, Highlanders’ Ski Club and the Lake County chapter of the Oregon Hunter’s Association the weekend before last was deemed a great success and a lot of fun for those involved by organizers.  Saturday and Sunday Aug. 10-11, the 3-D Shoot brought in around 50 people, many of whom came up both days to shoot over 40 targets along the course laid out near the local Ski Hill.  Next year’s Shoot is planned for the same location, but is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 26 and 27.

This is the first year the clubs put on a 3-D shoot at the Ski Hill, and the Shoot is only one of four ski-lift shoots in the entire nation, with only one other in Oregon at Anthony Lake.  Of five events hosted by the Bowman’s Club during the year, the only other summer event is the Money Dot Shoot that the club runs in June.  The next scheduled event happens around Thanksgiving at the Lakeview Bowman’s Club’s indoor range, since the local weather is usually too cold in November for an outdoor shoot.

The Bowman’s Club has been around since 1942 the Club built an indoor range in their building located at 1080 S. E St. in 2004.  Their current president, Craig Foster, was elected in June and uses not only a modern compound bow, but also a more traditional recurved bow.  Together with the treasurer, Sheila Holloway, Foster wanted to let people know that the events hosted by the Club are intended for anyone interested, no matter what kind of bow they might own, age, or archery experience.

The course used for the shoot was composed of two tracks, an A section and a B section.  Shooters that wished to take both courses rode up the ski lift up twice and walked down along each course, shooting around 20 targets per track along the way.  Targets included animals from the obvious elk, deer and sheep targets, to the unusual alligator and African lion targets.

Next year, the Club intends to offer ski lift rides the whole weekend for a fee.  Anyone will be able come and ride the lift, walk down and around the ski hill, or take photographs even if they have no interest in archery.

Following the Shoot was a Tri-Tip dinner put on by all three clubs involved in the event.  The dinner was a fundraiser for the Club and the Highlanders, and turned into a social event for the many who attended from the day’s archery.

For more information about this and future Bowmen’s Club events, please call the president, Craig Foster at 541-947-5919 or the club’s treasurer, Sheila Holloway at 541-947-3233.

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