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Ski team brings new round of wreaths

Another round of wreath sales for the Lakeview High School ski team is approaching this year with the holiday season on its way.  The team is selling the wreaths for $24 each, so long as they are picked up at the Holiday Fair as has become the yearly tradition.

Those who have bought a wreath in the past should be contacted soon by members of the team, but anyone who wants a wreath can sign up by contacting Pete Schreder at 541-947-3249 or Ken Odegaard at 541-947-3920.  Those that have bought a wreath in the past, but do not receive a call should also feel free to talk to Schreder or Odegaard.

Though the ski team is no longer sponsored by the Lakeview High School, it continues as a club sport.  The team must usually travel to the Mt. Bachelor near Bend for their weekly meets, and uses the money raised by wreath sales to help fund their trips and other expenses.

Schreder said the group generally sells around 200 to 300 wreaths, and is willing to ship wreaths to those who cannot make the Fair, at the $24 price plus the cost of shipping.  The team has been selling wreaths for 10-12 years, he estimated.

This year, there are ten kids participating from high school and middle school.  Middle school students ski in the same meets, but do not contribute to the team score with their times.  Schreder said this is the first time in a while they’ve had competitive boy’s and girl’s teams at the high school level, with five high school girls and two high school boys.

Their league, the Central Oregon league, is allowing them to count the two boys’ times for their team time, but Schreder said the group is still open to gaining more members.

During the early part of the season, Schreder said he plans on having the kids do dry-land training – workouts and exercise – because of the unavailability of sufficient snow on the Warner Canyon ski hill.  The team does a yearly ski camp around Christmas time at Mt. Bachelor, however.

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