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Smoke and Mirrors?

I have been asked to reply to certain statements made by Commissioners Dan Shoun and Brad Winters, and published in the Herald and News, regarding the current Recall.

On Nov. 26, 2013, I met with the County Commissioners.

At this meeting, I, James Ross, Bill Chastain and others discussed an issue of public safety which we had brought to their attention on Sept. 19. 2013. Ken Kestner, commissioner, suggested the meeting as Winters, Shoun and Sheriff McDonald had allegedly ignored the issue for over two months.

In the Feb. 27, 2014 issue of the Herald and News, Shoun was said to have stated to me at the Nov.26 meeting, “…He didn’t appreciate his (Gonzales) demands and threat to fellow commissioner Ken Kestner…”

What Shoun did say to me was, “Who do you think you are coming here and making demands of us?” I replied, “I do not work for you. The reason we’re giving you direction is because you work for us.”

Regarding Winters’ statement that the budget is transparent and that all expenditures are accountable, they are not.

If a member of the public attends a work session or regular meeting of the Commissioners, you do not have immediate access to any documents or information being discussed. Meeting packets are only provided to members of the news media at these meetings.

Oversight of expenditures, contract content and costs, are provided by the Commissioners, themselves and the specific County Department head. The public is not given the opportunity to comment intelligently as they have nothing in hand to reviewat the meetings. Self-referencing does not provide for limitations on the use of public funds.

Do Shoun, Winters and McDonald have the safety and best interest of the citizens of Lake County at heart? I do not think so. Sign the Recall Petition. Call 541 219-0691 for Recall information.

Orlando Gonzales

Chief Petitioner


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