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Soccer coach sees girls improve, face more tough league games

Soccer coach sees girls improve, face more tough league games

The Lakeview Honkers had two girl’s soccer games over the week against teams from St. Mary’s on Tuesday, Sept. 24, and a girl’s team from Rogue River on Saturday, Sept. 28.

Lakeview lost both games, 0 points to 3  against St. Mary’s, and 3 points to Rogue River’s 4.

Their away game against St. Mary’s was played in Medford at the US Cellular Community Park.  “The girls did a great job in the game against St. Mary’s yesterday,” said coach Beth Witham the following day, “We lost 3-0 but this is the best team in the league.”

The team from St. Mary’s scored two goals in the first half, with no goals and one point from a penalty kick in the second half.

“Ninety-nine percent of the game was played on our defensive half,” said Witham, “They had 13 subs whereas we only had four subs.  My girls gave 100 percent and it showed in the final score.  The girls are learning something new from each game and so am I.”

Lakeview’s team faced Rogue River on Saturday on the Lakeview softball fields. The game ended with the Rogue River girls up by a single point by the end.

“It was another disappointing game against Rogue River Saturday,” commented Witham, “I know what the girls are capable of and they just could not get it together as a team.”

Faith Witham scored the first goal with assistance by Megan Andrews in the first half of the game.

“Unfortunately we let two goals in before half and were down at half time 2-1,” coach Witham explained, “Then in the second half Trenna Moody scored on a penalty kick and Marina Brazeal scored from a free kick.

“Each time Rogue River turned right around and scored after each one of our goals,” said Witham.  The girls go on to play  against a team from Cascade Christian on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in Lakeview at 4:30 p.m., and will travel to Glide on Thursday, Oct. 3 to play the Glide team at 4:30 p.m.

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