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Non-partisan position could be decided in primary

This year’s upcoming primary election is marked with a significant change in format, given the non-partisan status of the Lake County Board of Commissioners positions.

Last fall, Lake County’s voters overwhelmingly approved changing the commissioners to non-partisan positions, thereby opening up the door to potentially more candidates.

Lake County Clerk Stacey Geaney said this change could lead to the winner being decided in the May 20 primary election.

At present, both incumbents Dan Shoun and Ken Kestner have filed for re-election.  Challenging Kestner’s position is Lucinda Nolan.

A lone commissioner on the ballot would be elected into office in the primary election, and not appear on the fall general election ballot.

With two candidates vying for the same commissioner position, the winner will be the candidate who, at minimum, gets 50 percent of the overall vote plus one in the primary.

Similarly, the Lake County Sheriff position currently has only incumbent Phil McDonald as filed on the ticket for the primary election.  Should there be three or more candidates to file for this position, they will appear on the primary ballot.

The same principle in determining the winner applies to the sheriff’s race, as well as that of the county’s clerk position and treasurer.  If there are three or more candidates for the sheriff’s position, they will appear on the primary, with the top two vote recipients appearing on the fall election ballot.

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