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The U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, grants to Congress “…exclusive legislation… over such a district (ie, Washington , D.C.) not exceeding 10 miles square…” So acts of Congress apply only to Washington, D.C.— not the states.

Under 4 USC, Section 72, “all offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia and not elsewhere…” This means the FBI BATF et al., have no lawful jurisdiction in your state. In fact, nowhere in the Constitution are police powers delegated to the federal government and, by virtue of the 10th Amendment, all police powers are “reserved to the states or the people.”

California laws do not apply to New York state, and California police cannot legally come to New York and arrest you for violating California laws. Similarly, Washington, D.C., laws do not apply to New York and so Washington, D.C., police cannot legally come to New York or any other state and arrest you for violating Washington, D.C. laws. If they do, you must raise this issue to avoid being railroaded by “silent consent” to the foreign D.C. jurisdiction.

You cannot violate federal laws (gun control, etc.) on state-owned land — only on federal land.

Since the big media is complicit, it is up to us to spread this message across the country.

Dick Weir

Christmas Valley

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