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Sprucing up the Fairgrounds for Fair time

Thousands flock to the Lake County Fair and Round-Up each year to experience the thrill of rodeo roping, admire the fat, prize-winning pig, take an exciting carnival ride or rest under the shade as they eat fair food.

Fairgrounds Mgr. Don Moore and staff is putting their best foot forward in integral maintenance projects aimed to give the thousands attending a more pleasant Labor Day weekend.

These maintenance projects focus on touching up the ready facilities. Coverings are being added to give shade to the picnic benches to give fair-goers a more relaxing time as they eat. On the south lawn a fresh coat of paint on the restrooms will help brighten up the grounds. An in-place sprinkler system where the carnival will be stationed will help keep the dust down during the weekend’s festivities. The reframing and painting of the ground’s gazebo will give new life to the structure.

More overhaul projects are being worked on as well. The grandstand bathrooms are receiving serious maintenance work. Crews are working to replace the bathroom roofs as they drip from time to time from excess clean-up water.

Additional display cases for flower arrangements and crafts are being added to the exhibit hall. A permanent hallway is in the works to connect Exhibit Halls 1 and 2 as well but will not be done until the fall.

A problem the staff is looking to solve is finding six pigs for the Greased Pig Contest. They are unable to find farmers who will donate or sell their pig for the contest because of a regional swine flu illness going around farms. Moore asks if anyone is looking to sell, contact him at the Fairgrounds.

Moore and his staff have the goal of making the best experience for this year’s fair-goers with these important touch-ups. “Fair is a time for everyone to come together,” Moore said. “We are trying to keep these grounds nice for everybody.”

For the time leading up to fair, the staff is laboring to make the grounds more attractive as well as collecting applications for displays. “We are hoping more people will participate because more participation means a better fair,” Moore said.

Contact the Fairground office for more fair information at 541-947-2925.

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