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St. Mary’s poor sportsmanship behavior after loss to Honkers

In what has been spoken about locally as a display of bad sportsmanship by the visiting St. Mary’s Crusaders boy’s basketball team, it seems that there were hard feelings after last Friday’s upset by the Honkers.

The Crusaders not only walked off the court without shaking hands with the victorious Honkers, but there are reports of displays of temper as well as damages done to the locker room after the game. Honkers coach Cody Blair is not sweating the small stuff though as he prepares the boys for the last of a well-played season.

“We’ve already switched our focus to the upcoming games and moved on, that’s something that St. Mary’s needs to handle internally,” said Blair.

The inevitable rematch between the Honkers and the Crusaders as these two contenders head into the playoffs is looking to be a hard-fought struggle.

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