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Staniak’s Stand Part II

Unfortunately, North Lake School District currently has a very inexperienced school board. None of the five members have completed a full term of service. I offered the board the superintendent evaluation tool that has been designed by the Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) and that is used by the vast majority of school boards around the state. The board said they couldn’t figure out how to fill it out. I offered to arrange a training from OSBA on superintendent evaluation and they said they didn’t need it. Eventually, the board designed its own superintendent evaluation tool, which led to the “doodle notes” that they ended up producing.

What, then were some of the allegations of poor performance that the board has made to try to justify its position to non-renew my contract? The board took a scattershot approach to this, but here are a few of the allegations from their “doodle notes” and their verbal comments.

• Low staff morale (yet all 21 of North Lake’s teachers signed a letter of support asking for the board to renew my contract.)

• Swearing at school (When asked what I said, who I said it to, who reported this, etc., I was told that they couldn’t tell me any of that information. For the record, I don’t swear at school.)

• Swearing at school board meeting (Again, no explanation from the board.)

• Failing to pull the bleachers out straight for volleyball games. (Not only do I not pull out bleachers for any sporting event, but it is the responsibility of the athletic director to make sure the facilities are ready for athletic contest.)

• Coaching dismissal. (Some board members disagreed with the change in football coaches a few years ago, although the majority of the board was in support of this decision.)

On one board member’s “doodle notes” from May 2012, he summarized his thoughts on my performance as, “In general some areas are exceptional and the majority are right on target. A few areas need improvement, which with board direction should be improved.”

Steve Staniak

Christmas Valley

See Part III in next week’s newspaper.

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