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Staniak’s Stand—Part III

I also find it disturbing that there is never any mention of things that have been accomplished at North Lake School District over the past six years, such as:

• A 92 percent drop in office discipline referrals, leading to a much safer school and a vastly improved learning environment;

• The assemblage of an outstanding teaching and support staff;

• Two trips to southern California with the choirs for choir competitions;

• The establishment of an alternative education program for credit recovery and for those students who don’t work well in a traditional classroom setting;

* Vast improvements in technology, including phones in teacher classrooms, a school district website, a portable computer lab, Smart Boards and digital projectors in every classroom.

Some are trying to place the blame for the school board recall on me, yet it has nothing to do with me. There is a school board recall being conducted because the board did not listen to the staff or community members when it decided to non-renew my contract. Had the board listened to its constituents in December, the recall would likely not be taking place now.

I am very saddened that the school district and the community are in the position they are in now, but I am extremely proud of the job the staff and I have done at North Lake School over the past six years. I am hopeful that the remainder of the school year will go well for our students, staff, and parents, regardless of who is serving on the school board.

It has been my pleasure and my honor to represent the North Lake School District over the past six years, and I am very proud of the improvements that have been made in the district over that time.

Steve Staniak

Christmas Valley

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