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Students, teachers repaint the L

Students, teachers repaint the L

The Lakeview High School Student Council members met for their annual planning day on Friday, Aug. 16 to set goals for the year and plan homecoming events.  First, however, they went on a hike up to the L to repaint it.  Heidi Albertson, Student Council advisor for the LHS, says the Council likes to do something active to start the day out.

The event also provides the chance for members to get to know each other and catch up with those they haven’t seen over the summer.  Two years ago was the last time the Council hiked to the L, and this year they decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint.

Anyone who has visited or lived in Lakeview knows the L, a symbol of the town up on the slope below Black Cap Mountain.  Like many other towns, there is a bed of rocks painted white and set in the shape of the first letter of the town name as a backdrop to the area.

Students have actually been responsible for the upkeep of the site for a number of years stretching back before 1970.  Students of the senior class of 1989, and members of the Athletic Club were responsible not only for repainting the L, but also repairing damage done by careless ATV riders at the time.

Bill Johnson, who was the High School Athletic Club advisor in 1989, said of the L,

“That ‘L’ on the hill should be a source of community, business, school, and competitive pride.  When visitors from other schools enter the valley and see the ‘L’ they will realize our community is united and this really is a great place that everyone is proud of.”

The Council, four teachers and several high school football team members also joined in the hike, though they didn’t transport the paint; with the aid from Rusty at KBE-Lakeview who drove the 5-gallon buckets of paint up the mountain, without his help the ‘L’ would probably not have gotten painted.

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