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Summary of ILC-related community survey published

To determine the necessary roles of the Innovation and Learning and Learning Center (ILC) Katie Kargol of Lake County Resources Initiative conducted a survey of groups within Lake County last year.

Kargol presented the summary of her results to the Lakeview District 7 School Board in December.

This included roles envisioned for the ILC by locals, needed kinds of education, and how best to engage students, families and the community in the postsecondary education process.

Those surveyed thought the ILC ought to serve as a physical college campus, providing access to higher education and facilitating lifelong learning.

They were also interested in seeing it act as a central hub for community outreach, and potentially bringing professionals from outside the community for job-specific training.

The survey showed that the community believed before the Learning Center was up and running that if such a thing was built, people would be interested in attending classes there.

However, ideas were put forth that the Center would need to network with local schools and be able to act as a community center as well as providing recreational classes in addition to college courses.

Important was that higher education classes offered pertain to the current job market.

People thought the ILC should be able to offer access and opportunities beyond Lake County and provide support and information on how to survive college for prospective students.

When asked for ideas about how to improve the local workforce, those who filled out the surveys thought workforce preparedness was important.

Under this subject they included trainings in character and work ethic, support systems and mentoring.

The survey revealed that many felt a need for technical training, mechanical training, agricultural studies, computer science, medical fields and business-oriented instruction to be available.

They identified the major employers in Lake County as government agencies, mills, schools, hospital, construction, small businesses and agriculture.  Kargol began conducting the surveys in June of last year, gathering the information via online or paper surveys and one-on-one interviews.

She went to community organizations, staff of major employers and local businesses around Lakeview.

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