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Summer Reading Program digs into the past

Summer Reading Program digs into the past

This past Thursday, July 18, the Lake County Public Library housed some historical artifacts for the kindergarten through sixth graders’ weekly “dig into reading” program. The artifacts, which normally reside at the Lake County Museum, were transported to Memorial Hall at the Courthouse for display.

Elizabeth LaShomb, program organizer and leader, asked Stephanie Bickel of the museum to accommodate the summer reading program.

LaShomb wanted to educate the children about the historical artifacts, but knew that the museum was too small.

“If we did it at the museum,” she said, “we would have to do 2 kids at a time, and that just didn’t make sense.”

With the help of the museum staff and some teen program volunteers, items with great historical value were moved to the memorial hall.

A total of 49 children and 9 volunteers were present for the event, which lasted from 1 to 2 p.m.

The museum brought a mammoth tusk that’s currently being reconstructed piece-by-piece, a 9,000 year-old sage brush sandal, arrowheads, awls, beads, Dr. Bernard Daly’s hat, and old photographs of the way the Town of Lakeview used to look.

Attendance for the summer has been consistently high this year, with 59 kids registered for the younger group and 17 registered for the teen program.

The library next welcomes magician Bill Mitchell to entertain the children on Thursday, July 25 at 1 p.m.  Call the library at 541-947-6019 for more information.

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