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Sustainable (continued)

Second part to Mr. Zinda’s letter. The first ran last week.

The net effect , in my opinion, are to the people of Lakeview and Lake County as we will be subsidizing the cost of Iberdrola’s operations financially through taxpayer funded “change-out” programs, tax increases to support new utility districts and through a degradation of our person health  with additional financial strain from increased medical costs associated with respiratory disease.

While the biomass project will no doubt create a few dozen jobs, in my view the harm it creates to our economic future will be unimaginable. It is highly unlikely with a doubling of PM 2.5 that we will reach our short and long term Clean Air Act Attainment goals and very likely that our continued poor air quality will drive away truly sustainable businesses due to the deteriorating quality of life conditions in the Goose Lake Basin.

Lakeview and Lake County is marketing itself as the “sustainable” capitol of Oregon and our public, bureaucratic, and private sector leaders should have done better with this project.

Chris Zinda


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