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Swim team wins big for Les Schwab dollars

Swim team wins big for Les Schwab dollars

Lakeview’s Les Schwab stays involved with the local sports organizations by rewarding hard-earned points with cold, hard cash.

The Lakeview Swim team won big at the Lakeview Invitational that ran from Aug. 11-13 with a grand total of 812 points. Les Schwab pledged one dollar for each point making their donation a whopping $812.

“We didn’t expect to get that many points so we were surprised that we got that much,” said Teresa Decker, the swim team’s director. The team expected to earn their usual 400 points.

The reward from Les Schwab will go toward the team’s general expenses that include awards, coach’s salaries, dues to the swimming district, hosting swim meets and officials and coaches registration fees. Another expense coming the team’s way is the purchasing of a replacement timing system that entails a touch pad and computer console.

Decker says the team is always in a fundraising mindset. On July 22, the team went to great lengths to raise more money through a canned food drive sponsored by the Order of the Antelope that made upwards of $1,000. Also, they hosted a swimathon where swimmers would obtain pledges from friends and family for lengths of the pool swam. So far the swimmers raised $1,683 with a few teammates yet to turn in their portions. The incentive for the team is a yearlong pass to the Lakeview community pool. They also hope to raise money through cleanup efforts during the Lake County Fair and Round-Up.

The last swim meet from the team was this past weekend, Aug. 1-3, where they traveled to Burns for the Cascade East District Championship.

An end-of-season potluck and awards ceremony will take place at the Swimming Pool park on Thursday, Aug. 7 at 6 p.m. Here they will hand out two memorial awards: the Clarene Smith award for the most dedicated 8-year-old boy and girl and the Nick Stewart Award to the most dedicated 15-year-old boy. Both awards are named after Lakeview residents who passed away whose families still live in the area.


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