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Swimming Pool Grant Discussed

The council members met at Town Hall on Tuesday, April 9 to discuss unfinished business and new business.

Developments in the Save Our Pool project, which is spearheaded by Mayor Mike Patrick and Town Mgr. Ray Simms, appear to be going well.

The council decided to raise its previous pledge of reaching $95,000 to aim higher and set its goal for $100,000.

With the donations the project has received, their total as of the day of the meeting was just above $93,000.

Since the project started in 2012, the ten-person committee has seen nothing but positives.

The fund has received money Lakeview Rotary, Lakeview Lions, Collins-McDonald, the Lake County Community Foundation, the Lake County Commissioners, the local ‘Save Our Pool’ fund, the Town of Lakeview, and from private donors.

The meeting marks the first time they have commenced since Simms traveled to the County

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