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Taking Donations

On June 3, 2014, Mary Anderson pleaded with the County Commissioners to help fund $36,930 for much needed replacement windows for the senior center. I took a good look at them. I could see how new windows would reduce energy costs.

Instead, the commissioners are funding the replacement of all the courthouse windows, estimated cost: $150,000. The windows are so dirty and forbidding, no wonder some want them replaced.

Paraphrasing one of our favorite commissioners, the answer is “No!”

Paraphrasing some more: “We care about the seniors, but we already spent all the money or earmarked it for our preferential projects.” I question whether or not the windows in the nearly abandoned wing of the courthouse are also being replaced. (Please note: I heard that Dan Shoun showed support for the seniors by having his picture taken in front of the new North Lake County senior bus.) Shoun indicated there may be other sources of funding the seniors will need to pursue.

Much needed repairs were finished up at the courthouse, but I am well aware of the $181,000 spent on new hoohaws and security cameras at the courthouse, when the old ones worked just fine. The old system recorded the comings and goings of Mr. Ross and Mr. Gonzales quite efficiently, thank you! By the way, they old, they retired, they wanna know what’s happin’ to they tax dollars.

After all this time, there is a hole in a door that should have a window. How long will Lake County District’s Attorney Ulys Stapleton be without a window. It was minus 27 degrees last winter.

This situation could become dire. In that event, I will accept donations of plywood and distribute them to volunteers to cover the soon to be window holes at the courthouse.

Bonnie Gonzales


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